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Bus Hire in London

Bus Hire in London prices are available by clicking the above London Coach Hire Link where you will also find rates for London Minibus Rental.

While you are here, we have some general info on London Bus History for you below.

In 1904 Thomas Tilling started its first motor bus service. In 1933 the LGOC, alongside with the put your feet up of the Underground Group, became part of the modern London Passenger Transport Board. In London a part of London Transport called London Buses was set up, with the remit to contract out the operation of facilities nevertheless to determine service levels and fares within the public sector.

In August 2008, the London Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy announced that the withdrawal of the bendy buses would take place, starting in 2009. Although the rear-entrance double-deck Routemaster is the archetypal London bus, their numbers have dwindled moderately quickly owing to their age (the oldest are now more than 50 years old), their inability to accept wheelchairs or pushchairs, and their necessity for a two-person crew.

All additional local bus facilities are now operated via modern low-floor buses, which may be single-deck or double-deck. A number daytime bus routes have additionally started operating 24 hours a day, using the same (non-N prefixed) route number.

There are a number of competing operators of such services which do not form fraction of the London Buses network and do not issue or accept London Buses tickets, even though at least one paints its buses in the same red as London's local buses.

Unlike their longer distance cousins, these are walk-on services, which serve stops all through middle London relatively than running to Victoria Coach Station. People who have concessionary bus passes issued via British local authorities go free on TFL bus services at any time.

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More About London

Since 2001, entry to all national museums and galleries is free. Exception to this is Madame Tussauds, since it is a private exhibition. Also in the Cabinet War Rooms is required entry. CWR is connected to the Churchill Museum, is required for the visit, a separate entrance.

Trafalgar Square is a large square in the center of the British capital, as its true center, he is many. It is the largest square in London and since the Middle Ages a central meeting place. In 2003 he was re-opened after a major refurbishment. In the middle of the square stands a monument to the London set of thanks to Admiral Nelson's victory of the British over the French at the Battle of Trafalgar. The Nelson Column was built in 1842 (German: Nelson's Column) with the Admiral on the top is at 55 meters as high as Nelson's flagship HMS Victory from keel to mast top.

About two-thirds of the way from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square is called Whitehall, Parliament Street is the remaining third. The cenotaph, the most important war memorial in Britain, is located in the middle of the road and is the site of the annual commemorations on Remembrance Day. The central part of the street is dominated by military buildings, including the Ministry of Defence (English: Ministry of Defence) and the former headquarters of the British Army (now the Horse Guards) and Navy (English: Royal Navy or Admiralty).

The Downing Street is the famous street in the city center, on which there are more than two hundred years, the official seat and residence of two of Britain's most important members of government - the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The most famous number in the No. 10 Downing Street is the Here is the official seat and residence of the First Lord of the Treasury and thus the prime minister, because both offices are held by the same person. The Downing Street is a street of Whitehall in central London, just a few steps from Parliament and is running in the direction of Buckingham Palace.

The Piccadilly Street is located in the inner city and one of the most famous streets of the city. It extends from Piccadilly Circus in the north-east to south-west to Hyde Park Corner. See the value is attributable mostly to food shop Fortnum Mason specialized in the year 1707, the Hotel Ritz, with its neoclassical architecture of 1906 and the Royal Academy of Arts in 1868 at Burlington House. Piccadilly Circus is known for his Eros fountain and the huge neon sign on a sinuous wall corner. The square was built in 1819 to connect Regent Street with the shopping street Piccadilly. Due to its central location in the heart of the West End, its proximity to major shopping and entertainment facilities as well as major roads that intersect here, he is a very heavily attended meeting.

On the northern bank of the Thames is the Tower of London, one in the Middle Ages built complex of several fortified buildings along the river, the (strong house) as a fortress, arsenal, royal palace and prison, particularly for prisoners of the upper class, was used. In addition, there the coin, the State Archives, an arsenal and an observatory to be located.

To James I and English kings and queens lived there temporarily. It was customary for the monarch before the day of his coronation in the Tower, and then spent the night in solemn train ride through the city after Westminster. Today in the Tower, the British Crown Jewels are kept, also a rich collection of weapons.




Heathrow Airport Transfer
Minibus For 8 passengers
(coach hire uk x 8) + (uk coach hire x 8)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 12 passengers
(Coach Hire x 12) + (Coach Hire London x 12)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 16 passengers
(Coach Hire x 10) + (Coach Hire London x 10)
34 Seater Minibus
Coach For 34 passengers
(Coach Hire x 20) + (Coach Hire London x 20)
49 Seater Bus
Coach/Bus For 49 passengers
(Coach Hire x 49) + (Coach Hire London x 49)

Minibus  &  Coach  Transfers
To or From Central London

Heathrow Airport
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From

1 or 2 Passengers
Coach Hire x 2 + Coach Hire London x 2

3, 4 or 5 Passengers
Coach Hire x 5 + Coach Hire London x 5

6 to 8 Passengers
Coach Hire x 8 + Coach Hire London x 8

12 Passengers
Coach Hire x 12 + Coach Hire London x 12

16 Passengers
Coach Hire x 10 + Coach Hire London x 10

34 Passengers
Coach Hire x 20 + Coach Hire London x 20

49 Passengers
Coach Hire x 49 + Coach Hire London x 49

   Coach Hire  Symbolizes 20 Kilogram Luggage
             ie. a Medium Size Suitcase (45 Pounds in weight Maximum)

   Coach Hire London Symbolizes Hand Luggage or Carryon



Coach Hire London Transfer Prices above include Vat and Airport Carpark Fees and are for ONE WAY TRANSFERS only and are for Private Hire ie. not a Shared Ride Service. On Receipt of your Booking we will Contact You in 24 Hours or Less to Confirm your London Transfer Reservation and to advise You on Collection Procedures.

Hire payments over 500 cannot be made online and may only be made by Bank Wire Transfer or by paying a 25% Deposit on this site and then the remainder in Cash (not by card or cheque) direct to your Driver on the Hire Date. If you are adding multiple items to your Shopping Cart, please do not let the total value go over 500 as it will be refunded for the above reason.


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