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General Information about London Bus History is shown below.

A representation of the standard London bus is the old Double Decker Routemaster Bus. Yellow squares at the front of these Buses means you must buy tickets prior to boarding, and blue squares denote a night bus, the S at the top of the pole identifies a particular bus stand at a spot with countless stands.

This included the London General green country buses, Green Line Coaches and the services of a number of Tilling Group Coaches and independent companies. From the early days of motor bus operation via the LGOC in the 1900s until the 1960s London went its individual way, designing its private vehicles specially for London use quite than using the bus manufacturers standard products used elsewhere.

In the 2008 London mayoral election campaign, prospective mayor Boris Johnson made a few commitments to alteration the London Buses automobile policy, namely to introduce a current Routemaster, and remove the bendy buses.

As described below, Routemasters are now restricted to two inheritance routes. Night buses began running as early as 1913, and they form part of the London Buses network. The two routes are tradition route 9 from the Royal Albert Hall to Aldwych, and inheritance route 15 from Trafalgar Square to Tower Hill. National Express predominantly white vehicles are common on the roads of middle London, on their style to and from their terminus at Victoria Coach Station.

This company operates cut-rate services aimed at students and the like, which must be booked in advance on the Internet. From 2000 the flat fare was higher for journeys in Zone 1 than in outer zones, though from 2004 this difference was eliminated, the transformation coinciding along with the introduction of Oyster card flat fares.

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More About London

London is of course the capital of England and lies on the River Thames in southeast England on the island of Great Britain. The current administrative area of the districts was created on 1 April 1965 with the creation of Greater London (Greater London). In the administrative area are 7.8 million people in Greater London as of 2010, of which 2.9 million are in the 13 boroughs of inner London. London is the most populous municipality in the European Union. The London postal area had 8,278,251 inhabitants in 2001. In the Greater Metropolitan London Area in 2001, there lived about 14 million people.

London is one of the most important cultural, financial and trade centers of the world. In the city there are numerous universities, colleges, theaters and museums. The metropolitan area of Greater London, which is divided into Inner and Outer London, is divided into 33 districts ("London boroughs"), including the City of London and the City of Westminster.

London extends approximately 44.3 miles along the navigable river Thames and is located 15 meters above average sea level. London arose from a settlement on the northern shore, the City of London today. London Bridge was until 1739 the only bridge across the river.

For this reason, there the larger part of the city is north of the river. With the construction of other bridges in the 18th Century and the construction of railways in the 19th Century, the city began to expand in all directions. The landscape is flat to slightly wavy, which favored the unrestrained growth.

The Thames was in ancient times much wider and shallower than today. Today it is almost entirely limited by dams and most tributaries flow underground. The tides of the North Sea make themselves more noticeable in London, the city is therefore at risk from flooding and storm surges. At Woolwich - located east of Greenwich - the Thames Barrier was built in the 1970s to reduce that risk.

The geographical coordinates of the center in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square are 51 30 'north latitude and 0 8' west longitude. The Greenwich meridian was set by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, and it is the starting point of longitude, and thus the time zones.

London, was the most favored part of the island of Britain, which differs in many respects from the other parts of the country. The geological structure is determined by the mesozone sediments that gave rise to a generously structured cuesta landscape. Their heights stand nowhere so high that the entire area enjoys the climatic advantages of the Southeast. Because the rainfall is low, and despite the greater cold in winter, with the the warm summers the local crops are good, especially since most of the rocks and the overlying glacial deposits, produce fertile soils much better than in the mountainous regions.




Heathrow Airport Transfer
Minibus For 8 passengers
(coach hire uk x 8) + (uk coach hire x 8)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 12 passengers
(Coach Hire x 12) + (Coach Hire London x 12)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 16 passengers
(Coach Hire x 10) + (Coach Hire London x 10)
34 Seater Minibus
Coach For 34 passengers
(Coach Hire x 20) + (Coach Hire London x 20)
49 Seater Bus
Coach/Bus For 49 passengers
(Coach Hire x 49) + (Coach Hire London x 49)

Minibus  &  Coach  Transfers
To or From Central London

Heathrow Airport
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From

1 or 2 Passengers
Coach Hire x 2 + Coach Hire London x 2

3, 4 or 5 Passengers
Coach Hire x 5 + Coach Hire London x 5

6 to 8 Passengers
Coach Hire x 8 + Coach Hire London x 8

12 Passengers
Coach Hire x 12 + Coach Hire London x 12

16 Passengers
Coach Hire x 10 + Coach Hire London x 10

34 Passengers
Coach Hire x 20 + Coach Hire London x 20

49 Passengers
Coach Hire x 49 + Coach Hire London x 49

   Coach Hire  Symbolizes 20 Kilogram Luggage
             ie. a Medium Size Suitcase (45 Pounds in weight Maximum)

   Coach Hire London Symbolizes Hand Luggage or Carryon



Coach Hire London Transfer Prices above include Vat and Airport Carpark Fees and are for ONE WAY TRANSFERS only and are for Private Hire ie. not a Shared Ride Service. On Receipt of your Booking we will Contact You in 24 Hours or Less to Confirm your London Transfer Reservation and to advise You on Collection Procedures.

Hire payments over 500 cannot be made online and may only be made by Bank Wire Transfer or by paying a 25% Deposit on this site and then the remainder in Cash (not by card or cheque) direct to your Driver on the Hire Date. If you are adding multiple items to your Shopping Cart, please do not let the total value go over 500 as it will be refunded for the above reason.


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