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Interesting London Info

London is located on the Thames in Southern England and is of course the capital city of England. London has a cosmopolitan community of over 8 million people - whereas Greater London ie. within the M25 has over fourteen million inhabitants which emphasizes London's dimensions and importance. Despite the end of the British Empire, London still has considerable influence worldwide and is ranked as a top world city. With it's international centre of heritage, investment, and learning, it is a magnet for foreign visitors and tourists. In the old days London had two separate purposes ie. as a financial center and a government capital and the Strand was in the middle of the two areas.

Many forms of transport are available in London including taxis, buses, cycle hire, underground tube and in the West End nowadays you will even find Rickshaws ! It's best to book private transportation in advance from London Airports as prebooked hires start from only 47, so book before you fly seems to be good advice. The fastest procedure will be to book online and you will find a range of cars, minibuses and Buses available between Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and Central London and also to UK Cruise Ports. An imaginative way to go sightseeing in London is by super stretch Limousine and rates begin from only 120 for a short tour and for small groups there are Mercedes Benz Sedans available for Theatre or Restaurant reservations. Cheap Hostels are available in Central London and they don't appear to be vitally as obnoxious as you will suppose, and are an interesting alternative to Chain Hotels, and most hostels additionally provide morning serving of food and self catering is sometimes available.

Like most large cities, London comprises of an assortment of communal style villages, for example Hampton Court, Kew Gardens, Greenwich among just a few. There are many places to see including galleries that are free such as Tate Trendy, Tate Britain, British Museum, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and others in Greenwich. The National Gallery is in the very centre of London in Trafalgar Square and it has been pedestrianised so that you can enjoy a sandwich on a Summer's Day among the statues.


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More About London

Located at 1078 William the Conqueror, the White Tower to build here. He should protect the Normans from the people of the City of London, but also London at all. In the following centuries, the fortress was expanded. It is surrounded by a wide moat. An outside wall protects the inner building. In the center of the grounds is the powerful "White Tower". From a distance it looks square, but three of the corners do not form a right angle, and all four sides have different lengths. UNESCO has declared the building in 1988, World Cultural Heritage.

The Tower Bridge is a road bridge over the Thames. It connects the City of London on the north side of the Borough of Southwark in the same borough (London Borough of Southwark) on the south side. What is involved in the Gothic Revival style, built a swing bridge and the easternmost Thames bridge, it leads the main A100 road.
Tower Bridge, London landmarks

Located on the north bank of the Tower of London (after the bridge is named) and the St Katharine Docks, on the south bank of the City Hall. The bridge is owned by Bridge House Estates, a charitable organization of the City of London Corporation, which is also responsible for the upkeep. Occasionally, the Tower Bridge is mistakenly called London Bridge, this is the next bridge upstream.

The Tower Bridge is 244 meters long, the height of the two bridge towers is 65 meters. The roadway between the towers 61 meters apart, is nine feet above the river, the pedestrian bridge meter 43rd The two bascule, up to an angle of 83 degrees can be folded up to allow larger ships to pass through. Tower Bridge was completed in 1894.

The most famous tower in London is the 98 meter high bell tower, which houses Big Ben, the heaviest at 13 tons of the five bells, which play the familiar Westminster chime. He is a part of the Palace of Westminster, a monumental, neo-Gothic building built in the meeting, which consists of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, British Parliament. The palace is located in the City of Westminster in Parliament Square, close to Whitehall. He was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

The oldest preserved part of the Palace of Westminster Hall is built in 1097th Originally it served as the residence of the kings of England, but since 1529 no monarch has lived here longer. Only slightly from the original building has been preserved as it was in 1834 when a devastating fire destroyed almost completely. The architect was responsible for the reconstruction of Charles Barry.

The main rooms of the palace are the council halls of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. There are some 1,100 additional rooms, including meeting rooms, libraries, lobbies, dining rooms, bars and gyms. The term Westminster in British parlance is often synonymous with the parliamentary business, is therefore a metonym for Parliament.




Heathrow Airport Transfer
Minibus For 8 passengers
(coach hire uk x 8) + (uk coach hire x 8)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 12 passengers
(Coach Hire x 12) + (Coach Hire London x 12)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 16 passengers
(Coach Hire x 10) + (Coach Hire London x 10)
34 Seater Minibus
Coach For 34 passengers
(Coach Hire x 20) + (Coach Hire London x 20)
49 Seater Bus
Coach/Bus For 49 passengers
(Coach Hire x 49) + (Coach Hire London x 49)

Minibus  &  Coach  Transfers
To or From Central London

Heathrow Airport
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From

1 or 2 Passengers
Coach Hire x 2 + Coach Hire London x 2

3, 4 or 5 Passengers
Coach Hire x 5 + Coach Hire London x 5

6 to 8 Passengers
Coach Hire x 8 + Coach Hire London x 8

12 Passengers
Coach Hire x 12 + Coach Hire London x 12

16 Passengers
Coach Hire x 10 + Coach Hire London x 10

34 Passengers
Coach Hire x 20 + Coach Hire London x 20

49 Passengers
Coach Hire x 49 + Coach Hire London x 49

   Coach Hire  Symbolizes 20 Kilogram Luggage
             ie. a Medium Size Suitcase (45 Pounds in weight Maximum)

   Coach Hire London Symbolizes Hand Luggage or Carryon



Coach Hire London Transfer Prices above include Vat and Airport Carpark Fees and are for ONE WAY TRANSFERS only and are for Private Hire ie. not a Shared Ride Service. On Receipt of your Booking we will Contact You in 24 Hours or Less to Confirm your London Transfer Reservation and to advise You on Collection Procedures.

Hire payments over 500 cannot be made online and may only be made by Bank Wire Transfer or by paying a 25% Deposit on this site and then the remainder in Cash (not by card or cheque) direct to your Driver on the Hire Date. If you are adding multiple items to your Shopping Cart, please do not let the total value go over 500 as it will be refunded for the above reason.


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