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London Casino Life


Casinos have suffered a decline in England over the past few years. The 1968 Gaming Act succeeded in subduing gambling, but they are still reputed as a popular location. By law, you must be a member to enter a casino, and membership must be applied for at least 48 hours in advance. Central London has a variety of casinos for all pockets, so dress accordingly and if you wish to gamble during your stay, your hotel should be able to advise.

The British have always had an ambivalent approach to gambling. While recent governments encouraged everyone to participate in the stock market and the National Lottery, casino gambling has remained hemmed in by restrictions. With the well designed list of venues to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. Nevertheless, 75 percent of the nation's gambling is with the National Lottery. The Gaming Act precludes live shows or bands, and and no alcoholic drink is allowed on the gaming premises.

Casinos attract a mix of clientele and are open long hours. Join Londoners with heavy duty gambling habits and ritually gamble a pound to test Lady Luck, and then pile across to Brick Lane for food served until 4am daily. A piece of real India after a night out to tanking up in the West End and of course Soho. Or how about freshly baked bagels filled with whatever you fancy no matter what the hour is from the family-run smoked salmon and cream cheese bar which is always buzzing. At weekends you could wander over to Madame JoJo's in town and a larger than life atmosphere.

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More About London

Battersea Power Station was a coal power plant in the suburb of Wandsworth, which was in operation from 1933 to 1983. The distinctive yet controversial symbol of London is one of the largest brick buildings in Europe and is located on the south bank of the River Thames.

Battersea Power Station is featured on many music albums by British pop and rock bands. The best known is the figure on the cover of the 1977 released album Animals by Pink Floyd, which shows the power station with a big plastic pig floating between the chimneys..

The Thames Barrier at Woolwich on the Thames is the largest moveable flood defence in the world. The plans for the building began after a severe storm surge in 1953, when 307 people were killed. In 1974 the construction started and the inauguration took place on 8 May 1984 by Queen Elizabeth II

The locking mechanism consists of ten hinged doors. In order not to impede the navigation, they are lowered to the river bed in the open state of the Thames. Ships with up to 16 meters draft can then easily pass through the barrage. The middle four gates through which runs the waterway, are each 60 meters wide, 10.5 meters high and weigh 1,500 tons. The entire barrier has a length of 523 meters. If there is a threat of storm surge, the gates can be closed within 15 minutes.

In the City of London, about 300 meters north of the Thames, stands Saint Paul's Cathedral, which the main Anglican Church in London. The carvings of the choir stalls are by Grinling Gibbons, the wrought-iron choir screen by Jean Tijou. It was not until 1890, that the glass mosaics were completed on the ceiling above the choir by William Richmond.

The cathedral has a cruciform base, which is aligned in an east-west direction. In the middle of this cross, there is a dome, which is located on a 750-ton lantern, which is 111 meters in height. To hold this enormous burden, there is a conical stone structure which rests on massive piers inside the outer and inner dome.

On the dome base about 30 meters in height inside the Cathedral is a ring-shaped structure with a diameter of 34 meters, called the Whispering Gallery.
The sound here is very clear thanks to the sounds being reflected back into the interior of the ring from the curved walls again and again, so that a whispered word can be heard on the other side of the dome.




Heathrow Airport Transfer
Minibus For 8 passengers
(coach hire uk x 8) + (uk coach hire x 8)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 12 passengers
(Coach Hire x 12) + (Coach Hire London x 12)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 16 passengers
(Coach Hire x 10) + (Coach Hire London x 10)
34 Seater Minibus
Coach For 34 passengers
(Coach Hire x 20) + (Coach Hire London x 20)
49 Seater Bus
Coach/Bus For 49 passengers
(Coach Hire x 49) + (Coach Hire London x 49)

Minibus  &  Coach  Transfers
To or From Central London

Heathrow Airport
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From

1 or 2 Passengers
Coach Hire x 2 + Coach Hire London x 2

3, 4 or 5 Passengers
Coach Hire x 5 + Coach Hire London x 5

6 to 8 Passengers
Coach Hire x 8 + Coach Hire London x 8

12 Passengers
Coach Hire x 12 + Coach Hire London x 12

16 Passengers
Coach Hire x 10 + Coach Hire London x 10

34 Passengers
Coach Hire x 20 + Coach Hire London x 20

49 Passengers
Coach Hire x 49 + Coach Hire London x 49

   Coach Hire  Symbolizes 20 Kilogram Luggage
             ie. a Medium Size Suitcase (45 Pounds in weight Maximum)

   Coach Hire London Symbolizes Hand Luggage or Carryon



Coach Hire London Transfer Prices above include Vat and Airport Carpark Fees and are for ONE WAY TRANSFERS only and are for Private Hire ie. not a Shared Ride Service. On Receipt of your Booking we will Contact You in 24 Hours or Less to Confirm your London Transfer Reservation and to advise You on Collection Procedures.

Hire payments over 500 cannot be made online and may only be made by Bank Wire Transfer or by paying a 25% Deposit on this site and then the remainder in Cash (not by card or cheque) direct to your Driver on the Hire Date. If you are adding multiple items to your Shopping Cart, please do not let the total value go over 500 as it will be refunded for the above reason.


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