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In 1919 the National Bus Company reached pledge together with the LGOC to withdraw from bus operation in London, and steam bus facilities ceased later that year. This regime is still in place, even if the ownership of London Buses moved from the central (UK) government-controlled London Regional Transport to the Mayor of Londons transport organisation, Transport for London, in 2000, as division of the formation of the contemporary Greater London Authority. Options for replacement would not preclude such measures as tri-axle buses.

Having received up to date buses in February, the last route to use articulated buses would be route 453, in 2013 (2015 if a two year contract extension is taken up). Some of the only deck buses are articulated and locally known as bendy buses.

The legacy routes are operated as fraction of the standard London Buses network, and issue and accept the same fares as the unwind of that network. There are a few competing operators of such services which do not form fraction of the London Buses network and do not issue or accept London Buses tickets, while at least one paints its buses in the same red as Londons local buses.

Good examples of this are the Green Line services to the Home Counties, generally operated via Arriva, the service to the municipality of Oxford, where Stagecoachs frequent Oxford Tube service competes with Go-Aheads similar Oxford Express service, and the many commuter conveniences to medium-distance places operated via private coach companies throughout peak times. Buses in the London Buses network accept both Travelcards printed on cardboard and Oyster card products encompassing bus passes, as well as only cash fares.

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