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Bus Company London

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Here's a little of London's History for your interest:

The Danish King Cnut (Canute) managed to unite both Danes and Anglo-Saxons and invited Danish merchants to settle in the city of London. Later they supported Maud, but in spite of that when she was angry she occupied Westminster, which angered Londoners who revolted against her, forcing her to then flee London.

During the medieval era it was becoming a maze of many streets and lanes, many houses were half timbered, or wattle or daub and cleanly white washed along with lime. Many Royal Kings and Queens were buried at Westminster Abbey and lots of ceremonies still take location there every year.

 There were two big disasters, the plague (1665) and a massive fire that broke out on 2 September, 1666. Both disasters ruined citizens livelihoods and came down horribly on the crowded slums, the growth of London failed temporarily on all fronts and did not take full care of its citizens.

Advance to the 19th century and the steam engine was born and it was the beginning of London's golden age. The earnings from many parades were donated to two permanent shows which later became the Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum.

In 1930 countless immigrants who were just being pushed out of their home countries and after fleeing Europe they came here and settled in the East End. Britain began to dismantle its Empire in the late 1940's,  but the British economy was in good shape. Constitutional changes have recently been taking place and lots of discussion,   e.g. about replacing the House of Lords with a democratically elected body, and whether the UK Currency (British Pound) should join Europe's monetary currency (Euro).

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Bus Company London


Bus Company London Bus Company in London UK

Heathrow Airport Transfer
Minibus For 8 passengers
(coach hire uk x 8) + (uk coach hire x 8)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 12 passengers
(Coach Hire x 12) + (Coach Hire London x 12)
16 Seater Minibus
Minibus For 16 passengers
(Coach Hire x 10) + (Coach Hire London x 10)
34 Seater Minibus
Coach For 34 passengers
(Coach Hire x 20) + (Coach Hire London x 20)
49 Seater Bus
Coach/Bus For 49 passengers
(Coach Hire x 49) + (Coach Hire London x 49)

Minibus  &  Coach  Transfers
To or From Central London

Heathrow Airport
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From
To or From

1 or 2 Passengers
Coach Hire x 2 + Coach Hire London x 2

3, 4 or 5 Passengers
Coach Hire x 5 + Coach Hire London x 5

6 to 8 Passengers
Coach Hire x 8 + Coach Hire London x 8

12 Passengers
Coach Hire x 12 + Coach Hire London x 12

16 Passengers
Coach Hire x 10 + Coach Hire London x 10

34 Passengers
Coach Hire x 20 + Coach Hire London x 20

49 Passengers
Coach Hire x 49 + Coach Hire London x 49

   Coach Hire  Symbolizes 20 Kilogram Luggage
             ie. a Medium Size Suitcase (45 Pounds in weight Maximum)

   Coach Hire London Symbolizes Hand Luggage or Carryon



Coach Hire London Transfer Prices above include Vat and Airport Carpark Fees and are for ONE WAY TRANSFERS only and are for Private Hire ie. not a Shared Ride Service. On Receipt of your Booking we will Contact You in 24 Hours or Less to Confirm your London Transfer Reservation and to advise You on Collection Procedures.

Hire payments over 500 cannot be made online and may only be made by Bank Wire Transfer or by paying a 25% Deposit on this site and then the remainder in Cash (not by card or cheque) direct to your Driver on the Hire Date. If you are adding multiple items to your Shopping Cart, please do not let the total value go over 500 as it will be refunded for the above reason.


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